Nikon vs Canon: Which One You Should Buy in 2022?- Ultimate Guide

Nikon vs Canon

Nikon vs Canon: Which One You Should Buy in 2022?- Ultimate Guide

If you are looking forward to buying a DSLR camera, by now you must have heard and very well known that there are no better options to look for than Nikon or Canon.

Just like the great debates of android versus iOS, Audi versus BMW, Personal Computer versus laptop, etc. The endless debate of Nikon versus Canon is of no less importance for photographers.

One will stand up for himself saying that Nikon has no competitors while the other will insist that Canon is better. But generally when it comes to Nikon versus Canon, which is best? Well while answering this question the opinion no doubt matters the most but it does not mean that both Nikon and Canon do not have features that make them different from one another. 

Your go-through brand will highly depend on your personal liking and needs. Some of the factors that will matter the most are the accessibility of lenses for your specific subject, actuation life, and many other features that move around your aimed subject. 

In this article, we will be comparing both the big names of the camera industry. Which one is better than the other? Which one will turn out to be the perfect match for you according to your needs? In order to find out the answer, stay connected.

Nikon vs Canon: Which is best? 

When it comes to buying a DSLR camera it is relatively different than that compact camera because you have to consider many other factors. When you start gathering lenses, it becomes really hard to shift from one brand to another since you have to spend a considerable amount of money.

This is because Nikon cameras operate very differently than Canon cameras.

As far as the answer is concerned there is no chosen number one because both two manufactures exceptional cameras with extraordinary image quality.

If Canon makes the next big thing in the camera industry, Nikon would come up with something more surprising.  Nikon and Canon are ruling the camera industry for good reason. 

It becomes so difficult to say either one is better or the other.  Those who want to start photography would be happy to have any of the two.

Affordability and Ease of Use:  When it comes to affordability, Nikon manufactures more affordable cameras than Canon with a wide range of features.

Nikon cameras are comparatively easier to use since their terminologies are the simplest. Canon has more speed in their high-level models which is why their cameras are more popular among sports photographers.

Nikon vs Canon: Sensors

Both Nikon and Canon present cameras having the same sized sensors. But that is not everything because it is the image quality that matters the most.

As the battle of Canon versus Nikon has progressed over the years, one goes ahead the other catches in no time. The same has been the case with sensors as well. When one seems to go ahead of the other, the other doesn’t trail for much longer.

Majority of the newly produced models of Nikon come with unique sensor design that helps to get rid of optical low pass filter. On the other side of the coin, Canon in their new models is more concentrated on the megapixels while they still consist of an optical low pass filter.

They have announced that their latest DSLRs will come up with massive 50 megapixels. But judging a camera on megapixels only will be foolish.

The EOS 5DS can record at 8688 x 5792 resolutions, on the other hand, the Nikon D810 comes with 36 megapixels which can capture at 7360 x 4912 resolutions. The higher the resolution is the lesser is the image quality affected when cropped.

Nikon vs Canon: Video Quality

Primarily, Canon cameras are known for their video quality and rightfully so because they were the first to introduce the hybrid autofocus which allows the camera to refocus when recording.

Canon is very well known for its autofocusing feature while recording. Additionally, they have designed numerous lenses, especially for video.

Nikon vs Canon, Which is better for video recording?  Answering this question a couple of years ago was very straightforward and uncomplicated. Most of the Nikon models did not provide autofocus during recording, the new high end DSLRs of Nikon offer continuous autofocus. 

If we start comparing models of both Nikon and Canon separately, Nikon has even manufactured some models that have 60 frames per second frame rate for smoother video motion whereas the identical Canon has 30 frames per second frame rate. Despite the low frame rates Canon usually provides better video quality.

But Nikon has not been that far away from Canon since they have made recent developments that put them closer. If you are looking forward to pursuing video editing jobs then any of the two brands can get the job done.

Nikon vs Canon: Speed

As far as the speed of the autofocus is concerned, both Nikon and Canon offer pretty smooth autofocus, but there is a fine difference in their burst speed rates. It is hard to gain speed in DSLRs.

While it is out of the ordinary to get a mirrorless camera with a 10 fps burst mode. DSLRs usually have more speed to move to capture an image and it is really hard to match those high speeds.

Canon manages to have faster top notch cameras. The second highest burst rate hit by canon is 10 frames per second burst which is reached by the Canon EOS 7D, making it one of the best options available for sports video shooters.

On the other hand, Nikon’s fastest APS-C camera is the D7200 which hits 6 frames per second.

If you want more advanced options then there is the Canon full-frame 1D X which offers 14 frames per second, whereas the Nikon D4S hits 11 frames per second.

If you are looking for affordable options, the entry level models of Nikon offer comparatively higher speed. As Nikon’s D7200 6 frames per second is just higher than the Canon T6S’s 5 frames per second.

Nikon vs Canon: Operations

Operations performed between both the Nikon and Canon are identical. There are some observable differences when it comes to performing the operations. Performing some operations on Nikon are different from performing them on Canon cameras, for beginners.

For example, the “S” button on the mode dial of Nikon and the “TV” button on the Canon performs the same operation which is indicating shutter priority mode. Performing operations on Nikon cameras is relatively easier than that of Canon.

Such as Nikon perform a simpler and easy operation for autofocus modes. Operations in Nikon are also easier to remember than in Canon, for example, it is relatively easy to remember continuous autofocus than remembering Al Servo autofocus which is two very similar things.

Nikon vs Canon: Battery Life

One of the most crucial factors in the Nikon vs Canon debate is the battery life. As far as the battery life of these two brands is concerned, Nikon cameras generally last more than Canon.

There is not that much difference but a slight difference which makes Nikon better in battery life. For example, the Nikon D7200 has two times the battery life of the Canon T6S. It is not like this in every comparison but most of the time Nikon turns out to be the winner.

Nikon vs Canon: Usability

When it comes to the Nikon vs Canon debate, usability is also one of the most pivotal factors. To some Canon DSLRs are easier to use, to some Nikon are superior in usability because of their mirror less cameras. At the end of day, it all depends on you because what is right to you is easy to you.

Many photographers do not prefer switching brands often because they cannot get rid of their equipment after spending so much on it.

Consider these factors when choosing a camera between Canon vs Nikon:

  • Which brand is providing you the best options at your budget and current experience level?
  • What are the main features you want in your camera? Resolution? Speed rates? Longer battery life?
  • Does the brand offer you the ideal lenses for your camera?


Nikon vs Canon are the two most popular photography brands for a reason.  This debate between these two brands has continued over the decades and it seems that there is no end to this great debate because the brands keep pushing each other and amazing the world with their new camera models.

Both Nikon and Canon have their advantages and drawbacks. When it comes to compatibility without any doubt Canon wins. While Nikon wins it in mirror less cameras and battery life.

We would suggest that you don’t fall into this obsession of choosing brands. Think about your goals in photography and go for the perfect match.

Also keep your budget in mind and the features that will help you achieve your goal.  The one which feels more comfortable, more natural while buying is the right option. 

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