How to Scan Wifi Networks For Hidden Cameras? – Easy Way

How to Scan Wifi Networks For Hidden Cameras

How to Scan Wifi Networks For Hidden Cameras? – Easy Way

There are many instances where some hidden cameras get connected to your wifi network. As a result, causing a privacy breach. It usually happens when you are staying at a hotel.

There are high chances that there may be cameras that are spying on you. In my article, I will show you how to scan wifi networks for hidden cameras.

Due to the current technological developments, it is getting very hard to keep your privacy intact. But, being aware of the security threats and how to counter them can make a huge difference.

Just read on to find the easy and simple way to help you scan your wifi networks for any hidden cameras. So, let’s get to it.

The right way to scan wifi networks for hidden cameras

There is no specific way to find if there are any hidden cameras in your wifi network. In fact, you can follow many different ways of detection. Hidden cameras have a way to add to your wifi network or even use one of their own.

The result of both is that it helps to breach your privacy.

Use your local network for scanning

Normally, most rented places like motels or hotels give you access to their local networks. You can use the access to help scan the network by using a network scanner finding application.

The app is free, and it is a network toolkit with a scanner available for iOS and Android phones. It helps to detect and identify different devices attached to your network. Besides, you can use the application for running different internet speed tests too.

The application works by showing all the devices that are connected to your local network. Once you find out that there are different devices connected to the network, you can disconnect all the devices other than those you are using yourself.

Check IP with common names

There may be times that IP cameras are hidden on the wifi networks. You need to properly check if any hidden cameras are working on your wifi network.

Once you find the device finding app, you now know how many devices are available on your network. You can open the list of devices to see any IP cameras with the commonly used vendor camera names.

No matter if any hidden cameras are corded, they will show on the network using an unidentified network address.

Use different Camera detector apps

There are many free hidden camera detector apps that you can use for finding hidden cameras. It is the easiest and most effective way to find any hidden cameras within your wifi network. The applications can easily detect any camera by just a spark or a glint.

This glint is the light reflection on the camera lens that is very tiny and almost invisible to the naked eyes. The best thing about using these detector applications is that any hidden camera lens shows tiny red dots on the app.

All you need to do is run the app on your phone and move the phone around the room to check out any hidden cameras. Be sure to move the phone super close to the things in the room.

Different things like mantle pieces, bookcases, clocks, pots, ornaments, Tv screens, tables, chairs, lights, or fixtures may have cameras hidden in them.

Manually check electrical outlets

Many cameras need a constant electrical power supply to run on. It is the reason why you should check around your room to see if there are any other items plugged in electrical outlets.

It is very common for hidden cameras to get plugged into the electrical outlets in the room. To be extra careful, you can even unplug all the devices that you are not necessarily in your use.

Use Infrared Frequency Detector for checking

Many cameras now work on infrared sensors. You can easily download apps from your play store to help detect the transmission of infrared frequency. The overall process is pretty easy. All you need to do is turn on the app on your phone. Afterward, turn on the light on your camera and move your phone around.

You need to pay attention to check if a white light pops on your screen. The white light popping on your screen is your phone detecting any hidden infrared camera present in the room.

Is it ethical to use hidden cameras in a room?

Adding hidden cameras to a room has its advantages and disadvantages at the same time. Normally, wireless cameras are placed in areas that are not visible to the naked eye. These may include things like plants or stuffed toys. You can get a basic camera along with a remote for about $100.

While, if you get a more specialized camera system that is digital, it can cost you around $500. A digital camera system is more advanced in comparison; it helps to transmit video images live to your smartphone or a computer. Homeowners usually install these cameras to ensure the safety and security of their place when they are not around.

If you are using a hidden camera to make your place secure or keep an eye on your child, it’s not a problem. In fact, it is a very useful option to consider.

But finding hidden cameras in a hotel room is a very unethical act to do. As long as there is no threat to your privacy, installing a hidden camera is an ethical act.

Final Thoughts

Nowadays, you can find many different hidden camera systems that you can easily install at your place. Each of these camera systems has its unique features. If you have a child at home or if you travel frequently. Installing a hidden camera system enables you to keep your mind at peace.

You can follow the different techniques mentioned in the article to find out if there is any hidden camera on a wifi network.

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