How to Connect Canon Camera to Computer While Shooting

How to Connect Canon Camera to Computer While Shooting

Saying in simple words, connecting a cannon camera to the computer while shooting is a new way of shooting that many professional photographers are using for years, this way of shooting is also known as tethered shooting.

The tethering technique allows you to connect your camera to a computer laptop or tablet so that you can instantly have a look at the images you are capturing.

This method of technique is general used by professional photographers who mostly do high-end video shoots or commercial shoots, or studio work. In this tethering method, you can directly download the pictures from your camera to your computer, by eliminating the need for a memory card.

There are many ways by which tethering can benefit the workflow of the photographers.

The idea of tethering can be something that requires a bit of basic knowledge. And that’s where we see often people searching about how to connect a Canon camera to the computer while shooting. So, that’s where this article helps you.

The first question beginners usually ask about tethering as a simple or extra technique is that how it can be beneficial for them? So, let’s start with it:

Why you should tether and shoot?

Here are some benefits of tethering:

  • The easy and simple organization of images without the need to download the picture after your shoot.
  • You can have a larger preview of images in which you can ensure the accurate focus.
  • You can easily work with the clients and customers and have a quick look at what you are shooting for collaborative pieces.
  • You can immediately transfer the images for editing purposes and have a quick look at the calibrated screen.
  • You can remotely control the camera when you need to shoot from difficult positions, or for the scenes where the photographers must not be in the frame.

Here are some of the many reasons why should you should adopt the tethering technique if you are into studio shooting.

Downsides of Tethering Shooting

If on one side, there are some benefits of tethering then on the other side there are some downsides too written below:

  • There are possibilities that your client catch up on the little details while inspecting at the studio and he might demand a new requirement at the spot which might be time-consuming.
  • The tethering can drain you’re the battery life of both your connected computer and camera at a flashy speed.
  • You’ll need to carry longer and extra batteries with you cause tether shoot might take longer than an hour.

Requirements for tethering shooting

The commonly used and traditional way used to connect the camera to the computer, laptop, or tablet is by using a cable. There are different types of ports and cables, which type of cable you need depends depend on your computer.

Some DSLRs offer wireless remote sharing or tethering but that is only limited to being used on a tablet or smartphone, not on a laptop or computer.

  • A tethering application/ software like cannon EOS utility or adobe lightroom.
  • An extra-long wire approximately of 15 feet USB cable to connect your camera to your computer.
  • A table to place the laptop.
  • Optional: To prevent the accidental yanking of your cable from your camera.

How to connect canon camera to the computer while shooting

There are different approaches you can opt for camera tethering to the computer, but in thisarticle, wehave focused on two low-cost methods that are simple and easy to opt for.

  • Simple tethering with adobe lightroom

This method is quite quick and the easiest way to build up a connection between your camera and your computer through the tethering feature. Here is how you can set it up:

Step 1: Connect the camera to the computer

Firstly, you’ll need to connect your laptop with a USB cable

Step 2: Camera

Now, turn on the camera.

Step 3: Tethering settings

When connected, in the tethered capture settings dialogue box, you’ll see an option of choosing a session name for example: “Tethering shooting test” and it’ll be specifying the names of photo and asking you to choose a destination for the picture and videos you’ll capture, you can also add metadata and keywords.

Make sure you pay attention and remember the destination you are setting because this is the location where you can find the saved pictures.

 Save your settings and click on OK.

If everything goes ok, a dialogue box will appear giving you a control panel (outlined in a red box in the below diagram) with some of the light remote shooting options and it shows you a library in which the photos clicked through the tethering shooting connection will be saved.

There are very few chances of you facing any trouble in detecting and connecting the camera. If you follow these written steps, you’ll get to see this screen.

If you are facing any problem, then try to troubleshoot the problem and make sure that the software firm you are using in your camera and the version of lightroom is updated to the latest version.

How to Connect Canon camera to the computer while shooting

Check if your camera is compatible with tethering capturing for the lightroom app here.

Note: There are plug-ins available for another camera that aren’t compatible such as Fuji X-T1. In such cases, you are advised to do research and find if your camera is compatible with tethering or remote sharing.

For Pentax: Click here

For Sony: Click here.

Now, try to rotate through different USB cables and make sure they are working well, but if you are searching for another alternative to tethering the connection you can opt for the other option listed below.

Tethering shooting with EOS utility 3

Ever wondered when that CD will come to work, well it’s now.  When shooting with a cannon camera, whip that CD out and put it in your computer, and install the EOS Utility 3 software into your computer.

When you’ll connect your computer this app allows you to shoot tethered and control your camera remotely. This alternative is more easy and consistent than the other one listed above.

Steps for tethering with EOS Utility 3

  • First of all, start to install the application on your computer and open the app on your computer. Then click on the “Remote Shooting” option.
How to Connect Canon camera to the computer while shooting
  • Now select the option labeled as “camera settings”. On clicking on it, a new dialog box will be opened, here you can make some changes like you can change the white balance Focus point and put the camera on different modes. But still, there are some are the features that you’ll need to do manually such as lens zooming.
How to Connect Canon camera to the computer while shooting
  • In the remote shooting mode settings of the EOS application. You need to set your camera in the live view mode and tethering shooting will be opened. In such a case, the live view will directly appear on the screen of your computer. In tethering mode, when you will take a photo that photo will appear on your desktop.
How to Connect Canon camera to the computer while shooting

Over to you

And that’s all folks. Here in this article on how to connect a Canon camera to the computer while shooting, we have listed two ways by which you can build up a connection between your camera and computer.

The tethering mode is undoubted an easy set-up & workflow for those who are willing to take their work level to a professional level. 

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