How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable – Easy Steps

How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable

How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable – Easy Steps

Being a busy photographer is a quite heavy and tough job to handle. All-day long, you’ll be running from one event to another event.

In between this busy routine, you don’t have time to do all of the things which results in different issues. And with the camera, you need to be careful all the time as they are sensitive equipment to carry.

Apart from other minor camera issues that we usually face in our daily lives while using the camera, the most annoying part is if your canon camera charger stops charging.

There are might be several reasons for this to happen. You must be searching for how to charge a cannon camera with a USB cable.

Here is a short answer to this and we know there is no proper how-to blog or article written on “charging a cannon camera with USB cable” but with us, you don’t have to worry anymore.

Today, we are writing a detailed article on “how to change a canon camera with USB cable” to answer all of your questions. Moreover, we are also going to write about the working of different USB cables and which USB type works best for you.

So, stay connected till the end to get to the whole procedure of charging the cannon camera with the USB cable.

Method 1: Charging a canon camera with a USB adapter

Nowadays, mostly the camera comes with an AC battery, which bounding process, you’ll be bound to charge the batteries of the camera via AC power supply.

But’s thanks to modern cameras, that offers a lot of conveniences to you regarding charging, you can charge through USB cable, power adapters and more. Charging from USB cables or USB adapters is an ideal alternative you can opt for. So get started with our Method 1.

By using the USB Adapter also referred to as PD-E1, you can easily charge your cannon camera. You’ll need to buy the USB adapter separately, as they don’t come with camera cannon.

The good thing about this process is that you don’t need to remove the batteries in order to charge it. You’ll need to directly connect the USB power adapter to the camera. Follow the steps written below to get it done:

  • Firstly, turn off the camera.
  • Now, connect the USB power adapter.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now that your camera is turned off, you can insert the USB power cable adapter plug into the charging port of your camera.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now, it’s time to connect the plug of the USB adapter to the power supply, first, connect the power cord to the adapter of the USB, and then plug the other end into the power supply.
  • After the connection build-up, the charging will begin and the light indicator will turn green.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • As shown in the pictures, when your camera will be charged the light indicator will turn off automatically.


  • When the camera runs out of battery, you can’t turn on the camera on the camera unless the battery is in the camera.
  • When the battery of the camera is fully drained, the USB adapter only charges your camera, it doesn’t charge your camera.
  • In order to keep the battery safe and maintain its battery life, don’t charge batteries continuously for more than 24 batteries.
  • Charging your camera battery in low temperatures takes a longer time.
  • It often happens that the remaining battery level declines when you supply power to the camera. You are advised to carry an additional battery pack when you are shooting at regular intervals.
  • The charging amount and the charging amount depend and vary on the room temperature and the remaining battery life.
  • In cases, where your camera fails to light up the charging light indicator (access lamp that blinks in green) unplug the power supply and USB cable from the camera, then reinsert the plug and USB cable and wait for few minutes. If the problems still occur, you are advised to take your camera to the nearest canon service center.

Method 2: Charging the USB cable to charge the cannon camera battery

If you are a little uncomfortable with the USB adapter or if it’s heavy on the pocket then the other alternative you can opt for is the charge your canon camera battery via USB cable.

A USB cable is another great option to charge your camera’s battery, here’s is how to do it:

Firstly, make sure the battery you need to charge is placed inside the camera.

  • Slide and open up the cover placed at the side of the camera.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now, when you are pressing the battery lock in the direction as shown in the above picture, push the battery against it until it clicks and gets fixed into the locked position. If you are inserting the battery in the wrong direction or the wrong way, it won’t be locked in that position so make sure that the battery is facing down and gets locked properly.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now, you’ll have to lower the cover and hold it down as you slide against the end side as shown in the picture.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Make sure your camera is turned off, now open the Digital terminal marked as (1) in the image. With the help of a smaller plug that also includes an interface cable, insert the plug fully into the camera terminal.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now, connect the larger plug of the USB cable to the Computer USB terminal or the included power adapter.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • You can also connect the USB directly to the computer. Or connect the plug to the power supply.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Now, plug the power cord into the computer port and the other end to the camera charging port.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Follow these steps to connect with the computer.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable
  • Connect the other end to the computer.
  • When the charging begins, the USB charging indicator will light up.
  • The light indicator turns off when the camera will be fully charged.
How to Charge Canon Camera with USB Cable

Types of USB

  • USB Type-A

These types of USB connectors are widely used and more likely to be at a lot of USB cables nowadays. With it, you can various types of devices like keyboards, mice, smartphones, and more devices to transfer the data.

  • USB Type-B

These are the other type of cables that are also quite handy when it comes to connecting with scanners and printers on computers. It comes with square shapes along with the beveled look corner on the top ends. USB Type-B is becoming quite rare.

  • Micro-USB

These are small and produced for slimmer devices such as some ultra-affordable comes with Micro USB ports for connecting Bluetooth speakers, smartwatches charging stands, and more.

  • Mini USB

At first, the mini-USB was standard but later they were replaced by micro-USB, as they are smaller than a regular USB connector.

  • USB Type-C

The latest king of the hill, to date the USB Type-C is the best USB connector that offers data transfer at a faster rate as compared to other USB versions.

Wrapping up

So there you go, in this article, we have to tell you about how to charge a cannon camera with a USB cable. Make sure you follow the steps correctly so that your canon camera charges at optimal speed and its battery doesn’t get affected too. We hope this article will help you.

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