How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100 – Easy Steps

How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100

How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100 – Easy Steps

With Nikon D3100 in your photography kit, you don’t need to give an effort of another leg or an extra arm because Nikon D3100 lets you enjoy the DSLR shooting at ease.

This is another addition to the legacy of the Nikon DSLR camera that doesn’t compromise on the camera power, performance, and capabilities. Moreover, this camera Nikon D3100 offers you a wide array of features to take your photography to whole another level.

We have often seen beginners asking about the depth of field photography. for the depth of field shots, the very essential components are aperture, ISO, and shutter speed. If you know the art of handling these components you can easily master capturing creative shots.


How to change the aperture on Nikon D3100, a common question from newbies to photography, well no need to search more because here is a detailed article that tells you How to change the aperture on Nikon D3100.

We have also written an article on How to change the aperture on Nikon D3100, make sure you give it a read, you might find some interesting tips that will help you in taking better shots.

Get to know them better control of your Nikon D3100

Here is a quick review of your camera dials, buttons, and external controls on Nikon D3100. The lens shown below pictures is the Nikkor 18-55mm AF-S (Vibration reduction) DX coupled with the kit of Nikon D3100.

Other lenses might have different controls, as controls vary from lens to lens and models to models.

How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100
How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100
How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100

About aperture

Before we jump to how to change the aperture ion Nikon D3100, the first thing you should understand is what “aperture” is. Aperture is a circular hole that allows the light to pass through it, through this circular hole the light touches the sensor.

The smaller the hole the less amount of light will be able to pass through it; this is how it helps you in creating dark images. The aperture of the camera performs in f-Stops.

For instance, if you want to capture photography with a nice touch of a blur then you can use focal length –stop of 3.5mm, but if you are shooting a landscape scenery then obviously you will have to capture a shot that focuses on every spot of the picture so for that you will need a focal length of 11 or 12.

Aperture settings on manual mode

Back then when the camera comes with program modes, the camera comes with manual modes. As that camera has only one mode so it wasn’t named “manual mode.” The truth is that most photographers have to cut their teeth to master the art of photography when everything was in manual mode.

The photographers who wanted to learn the skills of exposure, shutter speeds, ISO, and aperture, the best way for them to learn these skills is by adjusting the setting by themselves.

But nowadays, things have been completely changed, the automatic mode does the job so perfectly that photographer doesn’t give a thought to use the manual mode. No doubt, the manual mode is the best mode to learn the basics of photography.

When your camera is set to manual mode, the camera gives you every reading of which mode and scene you are shooting in. You are allowed to set the f-stop aperture and the shutter speed of the camera so that you can get the shot of perfect exposure.

Automatic mode means that you don’t have to worry about these settings like aperture adjustments, IOS, and shutter speed adjustment, but in manual mode, you have to set everything by yourself.

The learning of working of IOS, aperture, and shutter speed can be a little confusing and challenging but once you have learned how it works, you are all turned in to get the best creative shot.

How to change aperture on Nikon D3100

Follow these to change the aperture on Nikon D3100:

  • Turn on your camera.
  • Then, press the button that is placed next to the shutter release and the info button placed on the top of the camera.
  • Press and hold this button once and at the same time make sure you are moving the dial to the right or the left.

Note: The good thing about this camera is that it’ll display you a visual of physical size at the apertures and f-stops too.

The f-stop is also known as the focal length of length and it’ll change easily. The focal length of 3.5mm will more light to pass through the lens and hit the sensor on the other side a high focal length allows less light to pass through the lens, and allow you to take dark images.

  • So this how you can change the aperture of the lens.

Shooting in manual mode

  1. Turn on your camera and move the dial such that the indicator lines align with S(shutter priority mode) mode.
  2. Now select your ISO by pressing the info or i button placed on the lower-left side of the back of the camera. press the i or Info button, if the information screen of the camera is not visible.
  3. Now, press the down or up button on the menu to highlight the ISO option and then press the OK button.
  4. Now, the ISO setting menu will open up. Press down or up in the multi-selector menu to select a higher ISO or lower ISO setting, and to lock or select the ISO press on the OK button.
  5. Now direct your camera at the subject you want to capture, and then activate the camera meter by halfway pressing the shutter button.
  6. The exposure information can be seen in the bottom area of the viewfinder or you can also view it at the rear LCD panel.
  7. While the meter is activated, you can roll the command dial left and right using your thumb to change the shutter speed value that is lined up with zero marks at initial. The information about exposure is displayed with a scale with marks that scales from -2 to +2 stops. The proper exposure shots will be lined up with the arrow mark in the middle of the screen. When the indicator moves to the right side of the screen it indicates that you are underexposing and there isn’t enough light available on the sensor to get a perfect shot. You can move to the left side and you will provide more exposure than it requires for a camera call. This is referred to as overexposure.  
  8. To set the exposure of the camera using the aperture, you need to press and release the shutter button till you see the meter activate. When you are holding the aperture button/Exposure Compensation (placed right to the shutter release button) you can use the command dial to adjust the aperture. Rotate to left for a larger aperture (small f-stop number) and a smaller aperture rotates to the right side (large f-stop number.)

When it is better to use the manual mode

Here is some best time to do shoots in the manual mood:

  • When you are learning that how each exposure works, and how the exposure element works with other different elements.
How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100
  • When your surrounding is fooling the light settings and meter you need to maintain a specific exposure setting.
How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100
  • When you are shooting silhouetted objects that require the overriding of the camera’s meter settings.
How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100

Quick start guide to auto Exposure modes on Nikon D3100

For those who are new to DSLR photography, Nikon D3100 has got some amazing features them. The Nikon D310 offers outstanding automatic settings that allow the photographs that get their hands ready for point and shoot photography.

The users are allowed to easily switch between the Auto and Auto flash off mode, you can easily switch mode between different scenes. The dialer has a list of 19 available modes. Here are all the modes listed and their functionalities:

How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100

Quick review to advanced exposure modes of Nikon D3100

Nikon D3100 lets you get your hands ready on creative photography with the advanced exposure modes it offers.

You can switch between these 4 exposure modes, which allows you to adjust the aperture (F-stop) to handle the depth of field (zone of sharp focus) and the adjusting of a shutter speed that determines the moving of subjects appears to perfectly focused or blurry.

Some of the features are not available in the auto mode, but with these advanced automatics modes, you can also gain access to those features such as the capability to adjust the white balance and power of the flash.

How to Change Aperture On Nikon D3100

Wrapping up

So, you see the adjustment of the Nikon D3100 is quite easy and simple. In a short story, the low aperture allows more light to pass through the circular hole with the short depth of field and the high aperture allows little to pass through and this is how light creates an image with focus.

We hope this article will help you.

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