How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work – Ultimate Guide

How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work

How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work – Ultimate Guide

Modern cars come with more security features than those in the past. These safety features include rearview cameras to help keep an eye on every blind spot around the vehicle. The Chevy invisible trailer camera is also pretty much the same. It allows users to tow trucks without facing any problems doing so.

Including the camera is the most recent development to keep the safety of trailers in view. While driving on the road, even the slightest mistake can make a huge difference. With the hidden trailer cameras, it is doubtful that you do so since the range of the camera covers a big area.

What is the Chevy invisible Trailer Camera?

The 2020 version of the Chevrolet Silverado 1500 HD contains all the hardware that includes a kit with an innovative camera tow device. The invisible camera tow device gives about fifteen different views all around the back and the area above the truck.

The invisible trailer camera works by showing the transmission of the behind view directly to the driver’s vision on the infotainment screen.

It includes all the “see-through” points behind the truck that are usually blind to the driver’s eye. The invisible trailer camera comes with a Dubbed HD Surround Vision along with two camera specifications.

Besides, the function of the camera helps to add to the convenience while driving. Also, it comes very handy when towing an already hitched trailer or when hitching another trailer.

The Chevy invisible camera also includes a powerful tracking system that also shows how the inside of the camera works.

The additional safety add-on feature is very useful to pick up drivers driving on the highway or on tight roads. The add-on views help improve the overall driving experience and add to the towing and hauling techniques.

How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work?

How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work

The Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera has a very unique operation. Firstly, it starts off by installing a camera system on the back of your truck and also on the back of your trailer. It puts together and integrates the views of both angles giving one view vision. The vision shown to you is actually the one you usually see in the rearview mirror without having a truck behind you.

The “invisible feature” of the camera works by indicating a probable hazard on the lane. It then shifts the angles towards the threat, but at times the driver also needs to adjust the angle view of the camera as well. There are about four cameras at the front and four cameras at the back in a single vehicle.

The different cameras installed gives you a clear view at all the different angles around the truck. It even helps you keep an eye on the cargo box items as you move along the road.

Moreover, the wide-angle rear cover view, along with the driver’s perspective, helps to show how the truck appears in the front as if you are standing a few steps away from it. On the inside of the trailer, there is another camera that shows vision just looking straight ahead.

The clear camera inside the trucks helps to view all the different functions by connecting the images of the other cameras connected to the back of the trailer and the truck device monitor. It also shows the sides of the trailer by sensing and tracing the edges and showing a full view clear display image of the trailer from the infotainment monitor.

Main features of the Chevy Invisible Camera

How Does Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Work

Having a clear understanding of how a chevy invisible trailer camera works is particularly helpful when towing a trailer or parking. The invisible trailer feature in the camera also works in different other vehicles like trucks and RV’s. It is because it helps to navigate through difficult spots and tight spaces that were impossible to do earlier.

The 15 views of the different cameras installed gets further divided into three major classifications. These classifications include hitching, driving and parking. You can switch to the right view in the in-cabin dashboard to see what you need to see accordingly.

Features of the Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera

Understanding how a Chevy invisible trailer camera works can be helpful while towing a trailer on the road or even parking. Getting the ‘Invisible Trailer’ also assists with reaching your truck or RV. The Invisible Trailer enables you to navigate into tight spaces while you are parking.

The views of the 15 cameras divide into three classifications: hitching, driving, and car parking. You can turn to the right view from your in-cabin dashboard, depending on what you need to see. Let us explore the three different views further.

Hitch View

The hitch view is the surround rear top-down view. It helps to make it simpler and faster by showing the area around to enable you to tie your truck in a better way.

Driving View

The driving view is the clear view or the front frame view from the rear frame screen and internal trailer. It is particularly handy while driving your Chevy truck.

Car Parking View

The car parking view is actually the view front, rear screen, front window and sides. The front top-down monitor helps show the front, which helps you navigate the most tricky and challenging parking spots.

The driver vistas is another feature of the Chevy invisible trailer camera. Using this feature, you can virtually see anything and everything through the trailer.

Is the Chevy Invisible Trailer Camera Worth it?

The trucks, including Chevy trucks with the invisible trailer camera systems, help tow a lot of weight. It helps you view the whole rear view from the back of your trailer using the different cameras.

Installing the Chevy invisible trailer camera system is worth it. Since you could not see the view from behind without it, this posed a potential hazard as many blind spots went undetected.

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