7 Best Surveillance Web Cameras You Can buy in 2022

Best Surveillance Web Cameras

7 Best Surveillance Web Cameras You Can buy in 2022

If you’re worried about someone breaking into your home or if you just want to keep an eye on your pet to see what she’s up to while you’re away, investing in and installing multiple surveillance cameras in your home could be a great solution.

Video surveillance cameras today come equipped with a plethora of security features, including night vision, smart notifications, professional monitoring, audio, cloud storage, multi-camera, etc. And the best feature of all: Many of these surveillance systems can be paired with a mobile app. In other words, from your smartphone, and wherever you are, you can be aware of what is happening in your home at all times.

As there are so many great quality security camera models on the market to choose from, so many that you might feel a bit overwhelmed when searching, we have designed this best surveillance camera buying guide to help you find your best match.

1 – Wyze Cam v3

This Wi-Fi surveillance camera is for both indoor and outdoor use, as it is weather resistant, with tolerance to extreme temperatures from -20º to 45ºC. Therefore, it can be mounted anywhere inside or outside your home and withstand any weather conditions. It can be attached in three ways: magnetic mount, screw mount or quarter-inch mount. It comes with simultaneous two-way communication so talking to family, pets, and visitors is just like making a phone call.

It also has a mini siren function, with a horn that warns intruders with a loud sound. This feature is controlled from the Wyze app. It is compatible with Alexa. The security camera has color night vision. In addition, thanks to its sensor, Starlight CMOS, you have the possibility to see in ultra-low light conditions. Its HD picture is sharp for capturing quality images and videos in any light. The videos are stored in the local memory and in the cloud, free for 14 days. You can add more storage with a microSD card or a Cam Plus subscription.

Near-infrared lights for indoor use are invisible to the human eye, so they’re out of the way, and for outdoor use, they help illuminate farther and see more clearly.

The Wyze brand however is associated with constant and irritating errors in its software, such as the infamous Wyze error code 90.

2 – TP-Link Tapo C200

TP-Link Tapo C200 is one of the best options within surveillance cameras if you are thinking of placing a device of this type outside your home. It has a motion detector that alerts you through an alarm when it detects unexpected people or animals, and scares them away with light and sound.

It also has a night vision system and a 360-degree angle, so you can monitor your surroundings in all kinds of situations. It has a 128GB SD slot for backing up your recordings, and it records in 1080p, so the images it gives you are pretty sharp.

Two-way communication works only if you are close enough to the device, because the microphone is not very high quality, and you should be careful when setting the motion detection levels so that it is not too sensitive and triggered by any small animals.

3 – YI Surveillance Camera

The YI Surveillance Camera offers you a very discreet and small design, but with a very good price and suitable for all pockets. You can place it both upright, on the wall or upside down on the ceiling, and it also has an adjustable base so you can adapt it to the best viewing angle.

It has a night mode with 8 infrared lights that are not invasive, so you can use it, for example, in the room of the little ones without affecting their rest, and it also has an extreme encryption security system so that it is much more complicated to hack the device.

You can save the images from the camera in the SD slot, or directly in the cloud although this function requires a subscription. The movement detector that it includes is quite poor, so it is one more camera to use with children or pets.

4 – Eufy Security

Eufy Security is a security system that includes two battery-operated cameras and a base that are designed to be placed on the wall. You can install it both inside a room and outside your house, because it has an IP67 waterproofing level that makes it very resistant to all types of climates.

It includes an intelligent image improvement system and also a motion detector that recognizes the silhouette of a person, so that it does not jump with animals and send you false warnings. At the bottom of the cameras there is a small light that is quite powerful so that you can use the camera at the door of your house and illuminate it at night.

As it connects with Alexa and has a microphone, you will have the ability to react in real time. This device is very complete for those who seek to improve the security of their home, although the mobile application sometimes does not work well at all.

5 – Xiaomi MI Home Security

Xiaomi MI Home Security is a camera designed to be placed on the roof of your home and you can have a 360-degree panoramic view, with good 1080p quality. In addition, with Wi-Fi connectivity, you can send the images through the RF antenna that the camera has, to other devices to have the images available.

It is very easy to adjust the camera settings thanks to the “Mi Home” mobile app. As it has a night vision mode, it helps you to control your house at any time, and without making noise, because it has a silent mode in which the rotating lenses make almost no noise.

Since it connects through your Wi-Fi, you won’t be able to use live view from outside your home, plus you can’t schedule the camera for certain times. When you use it for many hours, you will notice that it gets hot, so be careful to leave it on for a long time, or it will burn.

6 – EZVIZ Surveillance Camera

The EZVIZ Surveillance Camera has a special connectivity feature that allows you to check how your home is from anywhere. Apart from the mobile application connected to your Wifi, you can share access to the camera with other devices and people who do not need to be connected to your network, so you have everything under control.

In addition, since you can connect it to smart devices such as Google Home or Alexa, you can configure your camera through voice commands comfortably. Storing images on SD is the most traditional option, but it also includes cloud storage subscription for unlimited GB.

Motion detection is a built-in feature, but IR image enhancement isn’t very effective in this mode. The microphone that it includes does not have a very high quality either, and if you want to share images you will have to pay a monthly fee, although on the other hand it is a very quiet camera with a very reasonable price.

7 – Wansview IP Camera

Wansview IP Camera uses the “Wansview Cloud” application so that you can have images of your home from anywhere and use the microphone of the mobile to communicate with your pets or the people who are in your house and who can answer you, since it also has a mic on the camera.

You can add new cameras to your security system from the same brand, and view them all simultaneously on your mobile. When it detects a person in your house while you are away, it will notify you in real time and the images will be stored in the application itself or on the SD card, with a capacity of 128 GB.

It can be connected to Alexa to turn on the camera using voice commands, and also to Wi-Fi, although it does not have a connection to 5GHz networks. Connecting it at first can be a bit complicated, but in the instruction and use manual that comes in the application everything will be perfectly explained.

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