12 Best Gimbals For Sony A6500 in 2022 – Reviews,FAQS, & Guide

Best Gimbals For Sony A6500

12 Best Gimbals For Sony A6500 in 2022 – Reviews,FAQS, & Guide

Gimbals have become extremely popular because they’re so good. They can make taking video or photos incredibly smooth, even in low light or on a shaky day. They don’t add much weight to your camera, either — they’re basically just a long arm that holds your camera steady.

First, consider how much stabilization you’ll need. A light breeze or wind might be enough to cause blur if you’re shooting a moving subject. If you’re needing serious stabilization, look for something with a lot of power and precision controls. One-step control modes can help to make adjustments easier.

Similarly in any object with a large client base, we regularly monitor people who are connected about the best decorations available to support videographers and photographers.

Like other camera bodies in the Sony Alpha series, the Sony A6500 has figured out how to go from solidarity to quality in photography and videography networks and its center client base is constantly evolving over time. It has a very small camera body, offers exceptional image quality in a variety of situations, as well as is very easy to use.

Because the A6500 has such an extensive client base, we are constantly tracking a lot of people from the photography and videography parts of things that connect with different queries.

Being a mirrorless camera, the Sony a6500 has a very low camera bodyweight coming in at one pound with its battery in its housing. 

To make your choice much easier and get the best gimbal for SONY A6500, you have to read the whole article and you will surely end up getting what you really want

1.Zhiyun-Tech Crane v2


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
 Load Capacity4lbs (1.8kgs)
Battery Life6-12 hours
Product Dimension154 x 159 x 389mm
Weight2.1lbs (0.95kg, battery excluded)

The Zion-Tech Crane V2 is a 3 pivot handheld gimbal stabilizer that delivers 360 of revolution in every three Tomahawks. It rotates around the dish hub with a button-fuel steady revolution and manual roundabout tilt and moves the Tomahawks.

The crane is intended for 3.9-pound DSLR and mirrorless cameras, for example, the Sony A7S and Panasonic GH4. Is. Cameras can be assembled and complete setup completed in seconds by ensuring a basic thumbnail screw without tools.

The base allows it to be used with monopods and other auxiliary gears without a 1/4 “- 20 string mounting gap, as well as the crane can be controlled remotely via Bluetooth from an iOS / Android application (access from Zion-Tech), and the connection to your telephone works from 12 to 18 with 26500 batteries. Includes hours runtime.

  • Included hard conveying case
  • Very simple to align
  • Accompanies 2 arrangements of batteries
  • Long handle makes it harder to store and requires dismantling

2.PilotFly H2 Professional Kit


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Load Capacity4.85lbs (2.2kgs)
Battery Life26 hours
Product Dimension370 x 190 x 190mm
Weight1.2kgs, including battery

It certainly provides an excellent approach for videographers to make the necessary adjustments, adjustments and power recording. The 32-component hardware business with triple MCU and integrated IMU sensors provides some important engines.

The Pilotfly H2 has a lightweight ergonomic handle that is easy to use for 4-way joysticks. The joystick gives you more control over the gimbal events in the standard 4-button regulator, another thing that will give you a perfect match is the 3 integrated 1/4 “turning screw spaces (one on each side and one on the base) for mounting different gadgets similar to the external display or amplifier.

The growing potential is permanent. You can use it as a standalone gimbal, as a stabilizer provided on tripod 2, as an expansion shaft, slider or jib. You do not need to take a large example of the device with you in the shoot right now.

You can split the contract and interface to any surface mount to get a complex film. Pilot Fly H2 One-Hand Gimble Professional Kit for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras, 2-Hand Holder Wear 2 (Bluetooth), Middle Handle, Carbon Tuning Stand and Mini Tripod

Pilot Fly H2 One-Hand Gimble Professional Kit for Mirrorless and DSLR Cameras, 2-Hand Holder Wear 2 (Bluetooth), Middle Handle, Carbon Tuning Stand and Mini Tripod.

CNC aluminum joint development and reduced structure of the device make it easier to trade cameras and parity faster than ever. Using brushless engines with an integrated MCU reduces pilotfly engine size by 30%. The ergonomic structure makes it an excellent gimbal stabilizer.

Pilotfly H2 can pivot 360 degrees without restrictions on YAW and ROLL. There is not much pressure to exploit or validate links. This allows you to use the full 360 degree for any event when you need some investment pass videos. It is the latest innovation and can handle payloads of up to 2.2 kg. The 4S lithium battery is the longest battery in business with 26 hours of nonstop usage.

  • Can be utilized with a tripod, expansion post, slider or on a jib
  • 26 hours of battery life
  • Predominant adjustment
  • Can be trying to arrangement just because

3.MOZA Lite v2


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Battery Life4-8 hours
Product Dimension500 x 250 x 350mm
Load Capacity5kgs
Weight4.85lbs (2.2kgs)

The Moza Light V2 3-Pivot Gimbal Stabilizer is actually the Expert 2 Stabilizer. Each MOZA stabilizer is transported with your own movable hard case, ideal for moving your equipment and assistants to and from your area.

When you have to go in the air, you should check it out, because it is bigger than domestic flights. Gimbal does not seem to be a skill, though it is the best I have used in terms of setting. Whatever I did, the recordings came out awesome. Wherever I go people stop me and ask if I am filming a story.

This is an important test so adjust the stabilizer. Every time I thought I had it, I controlled the gimmick and it started moving through the jungle. After checking the directions a few times, I relied on watching a couple YouTube recordings that demonstrated the appropriate approach for me to adjust. It happened from the beginning.

The Moza Light II bundle has a toe controller, which has some new highlights. The latest is a level joystick-like control that you can container and tilt. This is great for situations where you need to mount a gimbal and control it remotely, such as a gimbal or vehicle mount.

  • Can deal with the heaviest of cameras
  • Incorporates a hard core roller case with froth embeds
  • Magnificent client care, best I’ve had from any organization
  • Somewhat testing to align just because. Make certain to watch a couple youtube recordings

4.CAME-TV Optimus


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Product DimensionNot Specified by Manufacturer
Load Capacity2.6kgs
Battery Life10 hours

CAME-TV Optimus replaces the famous CAME-single 3-hub Gimball. The aforementioned component engines are capable of moving a full 360 degrees, which gives them more power for development and adaptation.

The CAME-TV Optimus has an ergonomic handle that is limited by a 4-way joystick and comes with a remote that you can use when mounted on a tripod, slider or jib.

The CAME-TV Optimus Gimbal Stabilizer is intended for small cameras. This is not fair to the Sony FS5 or Canon C300. I use my Sony A7S II and Sony call size 16-35mm F4 with focal point. The maximum payload of this gimbal is approximately 1.2 kg

If I need to use my Canon C300 I will use my pilot Fly H2. CAME-TV Optimus gains, which is very low, and the front cushioning and gimbals are securely fitted with a case with a hard shell. I do not need to check it when my air travels. Once you get the hang on the single handle, the dual transaction can be moderately effective in minutes. This is a slight exception compared to the different gimbals available.

  • Industry standard outer battery
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Just backings lightweight cameras up to 1.2Kgs
  • Engines may darken camera LCD screen

5.Feiyu Tech a2000


Product Dimension340 x 280 x 2800mm
CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Load Capacity2kgs
Battery Life12 hours

Feiyu a2000 3-Hub Handheld Gimble Stabilizer offers 360 degree pivot dish, tilt and roll. It supports a payload of 4.4 bs (2 kg), which allows you to use it on most DSLR or mirrorless cameras.

You can design any 2000 handheld, 2-provided or surface mount without any problems. Ideal for one-off or hand-held setup or vlogging or packing situations, for example, traveling on a busy road to the beach or New Orleans during Mardi Gras.

Giving two is unusual when there is a scene set up with bouquets in the living room, for example, a wedding, business or video introduction. Surface mounted to mount your gimmick on a jib, vehicle or bike. Directing on a tripod is gin hot and unusual for time-pass recording.

The handle can be omitted and the gimbal section can be used freely (for example attached to a tripod or monopod). Different 1/4 “- There are 20 valuable spaces, remember the gimbal section and the base of the handle.

  • Can be arrangement in one-gave or two-gave design
  • Simple to align
  • Just backings lightweight cameras

6.Ikan beholder ds1


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Product Dimension360 x 184 x 79mm
Load Capacity2.0kgs
Battery Life4 hours

The Icon Lear DS1 3-Axis Gimble Stabilizer is intended for stand-alone operation. The holder uses DS1 dual IMU sensors and features the latest trend setting innovations.

Sensitive, Sans Editor allows you to capture video. Regardless of whether you are a YouTuber, contextual videographer or specialist, you will be amazed at the expert results you can get from the Icon Loader DS1 Gimble Stabilizer.

According to the documentation, the DS1 can handle up to 2kg, but you are limited by the size of the camera. It works best with Canon 5D. I have to be careful with the focal point I use. This is OK with the Sony A6300 or Lumix GH4 or something lighter and more structured.

Gimbal guarantees cameras, Nikon D810 or D800, Canon 5D or 7D, DMC configuration, Nexus configuration, Canon 5D or 7D, GH4, or GH7, and Sony A7 configuration.

Here is a list of gadgets whose connection is highlighted for their similarity, here is a small joystick that allows you to turn the dish left and right as it is bent here and there. The whole dish was smooth. Curvature can be a problem depending on the size of your camera. Again a small camera works best.

Each time you change the lens or make minor changes, the gimbal must be adjusted again. This is laborious and something to be aware of. If you use a camera and an equivalent lens, this should not be a problem for you.

  • Fast delivery base for snappy camera changes
  • Light weight
  • Weak battery life

7.Feiyu Tech MG


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Product Dimension267 x 120 x 318mm
Load Capacity1.63kgs
Battery Life6 hours

The Futech MG3-Hub handheld Gimbal is highly compatible with DSLR mirror less cameras and also supports a 3.6 pbs payload which is sufficient maybe. Fu MG is an incredible choice for easy-going manufacturers,  and will also facilitate you if you are a vlogger and anyone looking for a lightweight and affordable gimbal can find it worthy enough.

It may have been designed as a one-time gimbal for vlogging where you have the opportunity to show off your environmental aspects and take selfies. Gimbalming in 2-mode provides more solidity for convenient virtual recordings.

Jim sends its own plastic transfer case along with the Fu Ng Gimble Stabilizer foam to ensure milk. When you open the case, you will feel glad to have all the devices safely packed with all the tools you need to get started . It is developed in combination with lightweight aluminum and is beautifully finished with silk dark paint or soft elastic.

It offers you two batteries which is great feature of it as you use them alternatively when needed.It takes 2 hours to charge most batteries from 4-6 hours of use depending on your rigging and how much effort Gimbal needs to keep your shots steady.

The purpose of second battery provided is to allow you to focus on your recordings and avoid the stress of running out of battery life. The supplied charger can be connected to your PC or external USB power bank.

  • Lightweight
  • Moderate
  • Accompanies 2 arrangements of batteries
  • Engines appear to battle marginally with speedy developments

8.EVO Rage


CompatibilityDSLR, Mirrorless Camera
Product Dimension120 x 105 x 295mm
Load Capacity1.8kgs
Battery Life12 hours

The Rage Gen 2 3-Axis weighs 5.5 pounds and is equivalent to the one obtained from the configuration framework for EVO Gimbals to Motorized Gimbal Stabilizer Static Shots. Using a 32-component Coremarks chipset, the RAGE GEN 2 can respond quickly to motion and can be replaced with a 360 ° engine revolution in three Tomahawks.

Another way to turn 360 is to be able to operate in turbulence and other alternate directions without experiencing pivot limitations. You can control the title of the gimbal with the joystick on the handle or with the support portable app. Connect a freely accessible control link to allow Gimbal to start and stop your camera.

It includes two battery-powered batteries, a charger, focal point upholstery and a gear case to secure the gears as the sections are stacked. Zimple tweak is a breeze. I suggest mounting it on a tripod when trying to configure your gimbal.

This affects the camera balance so make sure you use the required focal point for the shot first. You need to change 3 hubs until you try to change yourself while discharging. Postponing your gimmick expansion effort will not fault your engines and increase your battery life.

With 2 adjustable batteries lasting up to 4-6 hours, Rage will give you plenty of time to finish your shooting. You can usually charge while one set is using another. I usually tell the USB power bank to charge my batteries when I am not near the electrical plug.

Quick release, device-free, drop-on camera mount plate allows you to quickly connect or disconnect your camera. The plate has 1/4 “and 3/8” mounting openings to force the collection of camera bases. The camera mounting platform allows you to change the position and vertical alignment of the camera.

The aeronomic and control handles allow for simple and precise adjustment of the front and rear of the upper stage.

  • Full 360 degree development
  • Simple to align
  • CCI link is just viable with Sony and Panasonic Lumix Series cameras

9.DJI ronin-m gimbal


CompatibilityDSLR, Panasonic GH3 and Sony DSLR
Product Dimension500 x 210 x 420mm
Load Capacity3.6kgs
Battery Life6 hours

The DJI Ronin-M Stabilizer is something you really need as it is not only excellent performing gimbal but is also pocket friendly. As far as its weight is concerned then it is 5lbs .

Its manufacturing components includes magnesium, carbon fiber, and aluminum . It can lift up to 3.6 kg, which allows you to mount a mirrorless camera and decorations practically, for example, show screen. High-powered computerized engines can withstand any pile.

Adjust your camera to make sure it continues to be used. Here is the DJI Ronin-M user manual about the possibility that you may have any problems.

DJI Ronin-M with 2 batteries remotely attached to Gimball. This will allow you to get the option to trade them faster. Each battery takes 1 hour to charge and lasts 3-4 hours and the next set gives you a lot of time to charge.

It provides 6-8 hours in the afternoon, regardless of whether you carry a charger with you or not. Your video shoot will take a long time to complete.

  • Supports 3.8Kgs
  • Incorporate second individual controller
  • Lightweight casing produced using carbon fiber, magnesium and aluminum
  • Piece of an expectation to absorb information to utilize

10.Nebula 4200 5-axis Gyroscope


Load Capacity2.5 kg
Battery Runtime4 hours
Weight2 kg
product Dimensions15.6 x 14 x 4.7″
Package Weight3.44 kg

Advanced 5-ix framework for the Nebula 4200 configuration reveals exciting implementation. Between ya, move and pitch, double and vertical headings are reduced to zero. The Nebula 4200 Series worked on 5 profiles to change different cameras and focal points.

With the new Nebula 4200 configuration, they set out to do what they could not understand: Engineer 5-Pivot Comprehension to the lightweight and lightweight Nebula 4200. It is suggested to make each part lighter and better. The result is something other than a stabilizer. This is Jimbal’s final judgment.

The Nebula 4200 is a quick and easy replacement for the 5-pivot gimbal single / dual operation, single 3-hub stabilizer or 5-hub stabilizer. The Nebula 4200 5-hub Gimpel single handle and Nebula 4200 Lite 3-pivot are sold independently. The Nebula 4200 has excellent engines, fast response, high starting power, high accuracy in operation and quiet controls.

The Nebula 4200 worked to rotate Apple and Android cell phones related to the framework for border adjustment and to turn the update on via Bluetooth.

All integrated structures, including the high hardness of silicon metal in the aluminum-magnesium alloy, are exceptionally difficult to form and produce, so the normal load of the stabilizer is more lightweight and smoother surface wear – safer, firmer, and less durable.

We found it to be an acceptable basis for incredible stabilizer encounters. The Nebula 4200 configuration aerodynamic plan is the focal point of adjustment of the stabilizer’s focal point, but the arm is acceptable, simple, stable, and easy to control

  • The most special element is its spring arm type mechanical framework that offers vertical adjustment control
  • Light in weight
  • You have to include more endeavors for its alignment

11.Glidecam xr-pro


Stabilizer TypeSingle-Grip Handheld
Load Capacity4.5 kg
Weight 953.0 g
Box Dimensions18.2 x 8.9 x 4″
Height 14 to 25″ / 35.6 to 63.5 cm

Take your camera for your life ride with the latest generation Glidecam XR-Pro, hand-held camera stabilizer from Glidecam. The new and well-designed features of the Glidecam XR-Pro combine the best of the XR-Series, creating a system that now includes a wide range of cameras, designed for 10-pound film and video cameras 4.53 km.

With the Glidecam XR-Pro hand-held stabilizer, your camera appears to skim, consistently adjusted and confined from undesirable developments. Panning, inclining, blasting or running without camera precariousness or shaking – you presently have the opportunity to turn with your camera.

Glidecam XR-Pro works well indeed, permitting you to take exceptionally smooth and wonderful shots even in outrageous conditions, for example, running here and there steps or exploring the unpleasant landscape. For ordinary shooting, the outcomes are similarly enchanted, as though the camera were moving gradually or moving around another person.

  • Entirely moderate cost
  • Exceptionally simple to utilize on account of its lightweight
  • There are no electric parts included, so it is exceptionally extraordinary to use in zones like the sea shore or in the downpour.
  • In the event that you are searching for an expert stabilizer, you might need to consider other Glidecam arrangement.

12.FLYCAM HD-3000 Handheld


StabilizerType Single-Grip Handheld
Load Capacity3.63 kg
Height1.31 to 1.97′ / 40 to 60 cm
Weight1.2 kg
Box Dimensions21.4 x 7.6 x 6.5″

The Flycom HD-3000 handheld stabilizer plan for DSLR cameras is lightweight and supports cameras up to 3.5 kg. It is designed with ground loads in mind and has a wide mounting plate that can be used on practically any camera. This gives great strength to the experienced lesser client in any situation.

It offers aluminium adaptive post, multi-edge acceptable handle, precise deflection balance step, smooth and dynamic shots and unmatched control at an affordable cost. Developed from dark anodized aluminium, it gives a rugged look and feel.

It rotates 360 degrees more easily and provides perfect evenness as you get used to it. There are many types of building options to choose from. Quick-release, device-free, drop-on camera mount plate allows you to quickly connect or remove your camera. The plate has 1/4 “and 3/8” mounting openings to force the collection of camera bases.

The camera mounting platform allows you to modify the flat and vertical alignment of the camera. Ergonomic and control handles allow the top step to be shifted back and forth simply and precisely and the sides to be developed.

  • Prudent cost
  • Simple to utilize
  • Expertly planned
  • Can’t be utilized with PDA



Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing a stabilizer for a mirrorless camera. All gimmicks have a huge payload, and you’ll be under this payload or you will not get the image you want.

When you go to maximum payload, you have no choice but to adjust the camera, which makes the stabilizer useless.

When locating your payload, you should consider the camera, focal point and some other extras you may want to use. Some of the gimmicks in this roundabout have high payloads, so you will not miss the mirrorless cameras with large focal point and some extras.

However, since these two gimbals have a low payload, you need to make sure your camera is running.

Single handle or dual handle:

Another thing to consider is your personal inclination and your shooting style. The interesting thing is the single versus double handle. Dual handle gimbals can give you better adjustment and they indicate better battery life.

Single handle gimbals can be more helpful in some shooting situations. For some people, the ideal setting is definitely a gimmick that can switch from single to dual transaction, for example, the Fu Tech A2000.

Another thing to consider is whether you need the option to control the gimbal with the remote or the app. You should also consider whether you will find certain modes that will help you, similar to the motion timelapse modes.


Finally, you need to think about your financial plan. In fact, even low-rating stabilizers for mirrorless cameras can give you a better adjustment and improve the general character of your recording. However, when you can control its cost, you can get the highest quality with the best quality focus.


Is Sony a6500 a good camera?

The video nature of the Sony a6500 is extraordinary compared to other you can get for any camera of this size with its 4K ability that created more honed recordings than its rivals.

On the off chance that you are more enthusiastically video shooting where the camera cannot be kept steady, at that point YES, gimbal is unquestionably a major bit of leeway. For photography likewise, you can include a remain beneath the gimbal and use it as a tripod to shoot long presentation pictures.

The materials need to confront business use while being as light as could reasonably be expected . They likewise have a ton of time and cash sunk into their restrictive gimbal regulators. Ultimately they’re not over the top expensive contrasted with the cameras they’re flying


Although there is no superiority gained by any product however as far as performance is concerned we recommend you to get either Zhiyun Crane Plus or the DJI Ronin SC  but It is just an opinion not any factual statement so if want any other gimbal for your SONY A6500 then you are free to buy it without any worries,

FINAL Verdict

Hopefully, you will buy any of the best gimbals for SONY A6500 and have a great experience with us. One more thing to consider is the buying guide that is provided for your ease so you will purchase exactly the best product for yourself or gift any of your loved ones. Don’t forget to share your views in the comment box,

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