10 Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k in 2022 – Reviewed

10 Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k in 2022 – Reviewed

Gimbals can help improve your video shooting experience, allowing you to get steady shots without worrying about the camera shake or lack of stabilization. Also, consider using a gimbal for your drone when you want to get stabilized shots.

Typically, a gimbal is an accessory that connects your camera to its remote control. It allows you to move the camera around in the air without having to physically move the camera itself.

The camera can be mounted on a variety of mounts and gimbals, some of which are more suited for different purposes. For example, if you’re shooting aerial photography, you want a gimbal with a long enough arm so that you can aim your camera even when it’s very high in the air. Conversely, if you’re shooting from below or from a car, you might want a compact one that you can easily conceal.

Having a BMPCC (Black magic Pocket Cinema Camera) is a cool thing. Its performance and picture video quality are just perfect. But have you ever tried to find equipment that can boost up your BMPCC’s performance? Equipment like gimbal! If yes then high five!

Finding a perfect gimbal for your BMPCC is a tough task. We will talk about the best gimbal for BMPCC later, but first, clear one thing in your mind do you really need a gimbal for your BMPCC? Let’s clear this confusion and see what a gimbal is!

What is Gimbal?

A gimbal is a device that enables your camcorder to turn steadily across an axis, fitted with drivers and detectors. 3-axis gimbals are by far the most popular current fashion. 

When you pan, twist, and tilt, they balance your camera and allow you to film quickly, resiliently, and sustainably once you’re on the move. Robotic camera insulators are being used in the past to stop the chewy video, but gimbals get a little more flexibility.

Although gimbals are useful for documenting video clips with complicated viewpoints, photographers require them.

You can shoot a manual with a gimbal, ensuring you will end up with a smooth, blur-free video. Find it to be the easiest way to keep a camera stable without even a stand

How does it work?

Gimbals scoop up on any unexpected shocks or bounces throughout your recordings, helped by equations and sensors, and then fix such sensations with the aid of gearboxes.

Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) are used by common 3-axis gimbals to sense movement, and then change the gimbal across each axis to adjust your device and retain it steady as you pass thru the frame. 

The finest element? The built-in processor of the gimbal will specify which changes are deliberate (and which ones are not) and whether your blurring scenes and broad-brush views look the way you wished them. 

Do I need a Gimbal?

Now on the issue of a million dollars: Do you need a gimbal? 

It’s worth mentioning a gimbal to your collection if you are an aspiring or experienced photographer who is really passionate about image quality. With just one, it can be really easily overlooked with portable footage.

In the motions you can create, you’ll be constrained, or will have to strive with fewer photos. 

Possibilities are, that you may probably wind up getting blurry video as well. So if you’re filming in a ‘new’ aesthetic purposefully the aim is to create a fairly constant shot. 

Anyway sort, a stand can help you shoot smooth video, but moving the camera like a mechanized gimbal does not give the same pace and flexibility. 

Many wildlife and activities cinematographers opt to choose a gimbal to steady their camera and trace visual features for this purpose.

Since you have cleared out what is the gimbal and how it works and also you have made up your mind that yes you need a gimbal, now let us see the top ten best gimbals for BMPCC are out there.

Best Gimbal for BMPCC

After doing broad research and testing, we have listed out the top ten gimbals, which will be the best for your BMPCC.

1.DJI RSC 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

The first on our list is DJI RSC 2- 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer. Talking about its feature, this gimbal is foldable and versatile in performance. The gripping area of this gimbal is pretty smooth. The best part about this gimbal is that it is easy to fold and becomes very small in size; even small than the size of the A5 sheet. This feature of this gimbal makes it easy for everyone to port it effortlessly.

Another remarkable feature of this gimbal is that its stabilization is of titan algorithm stabilization, which gives footage a soothing and smooth touch. The stabilization is even up to 100mm zoom lenses. For better control, this DJI RSC 2- 3 Axis Gimbal has an OLED screen of 1-inches, which means you can control the shooting with one touch.

Its structural design is of Manfrotto & Arca dual-layer. Switching its shooting mode to portrait will just make the shooting more classic and elegant. This DJI RSC 2- 3 Axis Gimbal has an advanced battery that can run up to 14 hours smoothly.

  • Powerful battery time
  • Small in size
  • Easy to port
  • Smooth in shooting
  • Fast Charging
  • Compatible with most cameras
  • Built-in OLED screen
  • Slightly heavy in weight

2.MOZA Air 2 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

When it comes to satisfying customers with quality products, Moza never stands behind, it always leads the line. Moza is one of the best leading gimbal manufacturer brands present these days. The reason for its popularity is its fine quality products.

Moza Air 2 3-axis handled gimbal is the second on our list. This gimbal is capable of handling most of the mirrorless cameras, DSLRs, and most the BMPCC (Black magic Pocket Cinema Cameras). Its wide range allows you to choose any camera of your choice.

The newly designed Moza ecosystem enables you to use a thumb controller, camera cage, camera backpack, Focus, and dual handle to scatter control of gimbal pointing, fit, and camera switches in whatever form makes mind for your shot.

Moza Air 2 is powered by a spark power supply system with 4 power shots. This new power system has different inputs and outputs for the power supply. This new spark power system has greatly influenced the performance of the gimbal and its battery life. The battery life of this gimbal has extended up to 16 hours.

Another feature of this Moza Air 2 3-axes gimbal is that it has comprehensively upgraded time-lapse such as slow-motion super-slow-mo. and motion-lapse, tracking time-lapse, zooms time-lapse, and many more. All these amazing features together make this gimbal one of the best gimbal for BMPCC.

  • Extended battery life
  • Comprehensively upgraded time-lapse
  • Power pack battery system
  • Heavy in weight

3.DJI RS 2 – 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

DJI is the second time on our list. This DJI model has many eye-catching features it. You are very well aware of the quality performance of DJI. This DJI RS 2- 3-axis gimbal stabilizer for BMPCC is the finest product you can have for your camera. 

The most eye-catching feature of this gimbal is its color touch screen! Yes, you heard it right. This full-colour touchscreen allows you to adjust parameters, and also use the features of the Ronin app. It also has access to Active Track 3.0 right from the moment you touch the screen, fully enabling you to control everything in one touch. 

Talking about its body material, which is pretty soft and comfortable. Your hands will not sweat after gripping it. This DJI RS 2- 3-axis gimbal is compatible with most the cameras. All these features within this price range are just amazing. It would not be wrong to say that this is the best gimbal for BMPCC (Black magic Pocket Cinema Camera). 

As we all know that BMPCCs are small in size, and are used to shoot most outdoor shootings. This DJI RS 2- 3-axis gimbal is perfect for BMPCC.

  • Good material composition
  • Smooth in performance
  • Easy to handle
  • Light in weight
  • Full-color touch screen
  • Sometimes stuck in a movement

4.Zhiyun Crane 3 LAB 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

Guilin Zhiyun is one of the best gimbal manufacturer companies. This Zhiyun model is compatible with most of the brands of camera and video lenses out there. The best part about this gimbal is that it can be mounted even with a smartphone! Yes, that is right. The beauty of this Crane 3 gimbal is that it gives perfect and smooth shooting even at a trick angle.

This Crane 3 gimbal is specially designed to provide clear and blur-free shooting, no matter how hard the location and angle are. You can set up this gimbal on a certain axis while balancing others. The set axis can be saved to be used for next time. This Zhiyun Crane 3 gimbal is pretty easy to use and balance. 

The most important feature of this Crane 3 gimbal is its touch screen system, making the life of photographers and videographers easier. This Crane 3 Lab gimbal is equipped with both focus and zoom modules. It allows synchronous zoom and focuses adjustment via the touch screen.

  • Easy to balance
  • Smooth in performance
  • Synchronous zoom and focus
  • Full touch screen
  • The wireless image transmission technology
  • Heavy in weight
  • Sometimes lacks signal in the transmission

5.DJI Ronin-S Essentials Kit

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

DJI Ronin -S- Stabilizer is the best gimbal for mirrorless, DSLRs, and BMPCCs. It enables you to shoot effortlessly, smoothly, and blur-free shooting. 

You don’t need to be a professional to use this gimbal because this gimbal is designed in a user-friendly way which means that you can easily handle and use it. Its installation is also very simple. This gimbal under this price makes it one of the best gimbals for BMPCC.

The Ronin-S allows you to shoot video and pictures even from a hard angle. The best part about this Ronin S-stabilizer gimbal is that it has shooting modes like Panorama, Time-lapse, Motion lapse, Track, turning your imagination into reality.

The gripping area of this gimbal is pretty comfortable making your shooting more perfect. This gimbal is compatible with most models of Canon, Sony, and Nikon. You can also connect this gimbal even with a phone. Its battery life is very strong. This Ronin S-stabilizer gimbal is very convenient to port.

  • Having wireless Bluetooth connectivity
  • Easy to use and is portable
  • Small in size
  • Light in weight
  • Overall performance is great
  • Focus motor & wheel is present
  • Extended battery life
  • Sometime shutdowns automatically

6.FeiyuTech AK4500 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

In route to finding the best gimbal for BMPCC, you will face a lot of things. Many things can confuse your mind, something can make you doubt that either you want a gimbal for your Back magic Pocket Cinema Camera or not. Be always confident in whatever you buy.

The sixth gimbal on our list is the FeiyuTech AK4500 3-axis. This gimbal has many quality features in it if we start to write about it, we will have to have to stop ourselves! Yeah just kidding.

This gimbal can bear a Payload load of up to 10.14lb (4.6KG). It is easy to install and very simple to use. One of the most impressive features of this gimbal is that it can be mounted to every popular DSLR, BMPCCS, and mirrorless camera.

Another remarkable feature of this gimbal is that has a touch LCD screen, which means you can easily handle it with just one touch. The gripping region of this gimbal is pretty comfortable, making you fall in love with the feeling! Ok enough!

  • Touch LCD screen
  • Easy to install
  • Having Shadow hunter mode
  • Support 4 inception modes
  • Fast in action
  • Heavy in weight

7.MOZA Air 3-Axis Handheld Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

Moza is here for the second time on your list. We already have talked about the reputation and quality product of Moza. Without wasting any second now let us talk about Moza air 3-axis handled gimbal for BMPCCs. This gimbal is an ideal choice for mirrorless, and DSLR cameras. 

Pretty easy to use, and very convenient in handling. Having battery life extended up to 12 hours. By using the Moza Assistant App you can you can shoot smooth and dynamic time-lapse videos.

  • Extended battery life
  • Easy to port
  • Sometimes stuck in a movement


Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

Niceyrig is here for the first time on our list of Best Gimbal for BMPCC. This gimbal is quite easy to use. Once you buy this gimbal, you will fall in love with its power pack performance.

This gimbal is very smooth in motion. All you need is to hold the gear perfectly and then enjoy the effortless professional shooting. 

You can adjust its height by using a rubber pad. The material composition of this gimbal is of allot, sturdy, and aluminium. This Niceyrig is a great option for BMPCCs.

  • Light in weight
  • Small in size
  • Lacks touch screen

9.ZHIYUN Crane 2S Professional

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

The second name of perfection is the Zhiyun Crane 2S gimbal. This gimbal is perfectly designed to give a power pack and smooth performance. The eye-catching feature of this gimbal is that it can be mounted with any popular or popular BMPCC, DSLR, or mirrorless camera.

This Zhiyun Crane 2S gimbal has shooting options such as Motion lapse, Panorama, Time-lapse, and so on. Having a 0.96-inches OLED touch screen for better control.

  • Perfect battery life
  • Touch OLED screen
  • Six modes of a gimbal
  • Compatible with many cameras including BMPCC
  • Smooth in movement
  • Material composition is poor

10. FeiyuTech AK2000 3-Axis Gimbal

Best Gimbals For BMPCC 4k

The first and the very eye-catching feature of this gimbal is its touch screen. The haunting mode of this gimbal enables you to create creative shots. For a better and more convenient way of sharing video and connectivity, this gimbal has wireless connectivity like Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. 

The load-carrying capacity of this gimbal is beyond imagination. The anti-shake feature of this gimbal makes it able to shoot blur-free, and clear shots.

  • Haunting shooting mode
  • Anti-shake proof feature
  • Amazing battery life
  • Having Wi-Fi and Bluetooth feature
  • Touch LCD screen
  • Compatible with most devices
  • Sometimes shutdowns automatically

Before finalizing your product make sure to ensure what type of BMPCC (Black magic pocket cinema camera) you have. Basically, BMPCC is present in major two types, 4k and 6k.

Make sure that what type of BMPCC you have. How bad it would be if you purchase a pretty expensive gimbal that you call the “best gimbal for BMPCC”, but in the end find out that it does not match your BMPCC! Total waste of money.

4k and 6k BMPCCs are both just slightly different from each other. The resolution power of 6k is better than 4k, and also you get less noise in 6k as compared to 4k.

Buying Guide

You must be in the quest for an amazing gimbal BMPCC4k cam, which has so many stunning features, yet it hurdles you as well. A perfect gimbal is one that shifts from such obstacles and provides you a comfortable and handy experience.

The following buying guide will help you determine which BMPCC4k Cam you should get in to use.

Top 5 features of the best gimbal for BMPCC4k

  1. Hand-held Operation:

You know the Best handheld gimbal for BMPCC4k isn’t sufficiently lightweight. To bring its actual greatness, you need more solidness in different ways. Besides, a couple of extra highlights will acquire greatness. This would have a stand base with a pleasant holding feature.

For that, when you need steadier shooting, the stand base will be rest set up, and the hold will run over to move it in like manner.

These all highlights come in one spot called an adjustment. Incidentally, for the heavyweight BMPCC, you have to pick independent gimbals to double alternatives.

  • Focus Modes:

Modes such as display mode, gear mode, FPV mode, center mode, and so forth are very important. Because the more flexible modes will show up with a cam, the more convenient you will have.

Following focus modes will help you get handy with the best gimbal. The center modes mean your gimbal is permitting the cam in assorted ways with some magnificent highlights.

  • Battery Life:

The battery life of your gimbal assumes an indispensable job, which is another motivation behind why you should put gimbals for your camera. The lifetime of it relies upon the possibility of embedding the number of batteries and the intensity of the individual battery.

  • Rapid Release System:

Any of the best gimbal for bmpcc4k is easy to fix or mount, and a while later, you may address the equilibrium toward any path you need. You will also realize not many gimbals are working with such plausibility.

  • Motorized Functions:

You must be having a mechanized regulator, yet it holds up your cam pretty advantageously, quickly, and precisely. The moto-based gimbal for unique BMPCC often is associated with a payload feature.

The payload proportion here is essential stuff, and an ideal proportion would be around 3.5 Lbs to 7Ibs contingent upon your camera size and weight. Ensure this element will carry a gigantic improvement to trigger the BMPCC and gauge much better.


How to mount bmpcc4k on a gimbal?

At first, you have to unscrew the adjusting point; Here you should move the cam around the left to right and front to back. When you can sort out the balance, you would then screw the apparatus up close by the move hub.

The mirrorless camera accompanies fewer obstacles as you won’t require the full confine inside. Yet, actually, you should manage the speedy delivery plate, and various gimbals will have such an alternate unit to fix your cam inside the plate.

Wrap up

Gimbals have pursued all the developments to address our true-to-life shots. In the event that it is tied in with managing the heaviness of a BMPCC4k Stabilizer, at that point we have quite recently figured out the best among the normal arrangements.

We accept, that in the wake of figuring out the real story of the best gimbal for BMPCC4k audits, you move on to the correct arrangement. Ensure you come to know each rule on mounting and portion prior to buying.


Here we discussed what gimbals are, how they work, and whether you need a gimbal or not. For your convenience, we shared with you the top 10 best gimbals for BMPCC. 

We do hope that you will find the best gimbal that you are looking for. The gimbal will take your photography up to the next level. Make sure to buy a good one. To compare the products with each other to find the best one.

Also, prefer your BMPCC type before purchasing the gimbal.

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