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If you are reading this, you’ll be using any technological device which means that you are part of a technological world. 

This whole community includes gamers, students, bloggers, photographers, videographers, and many more and this entire community is growing worldwide at an exponential rate.

Camera, the field in which every age group is involved, especially young and adults. This camera industry has become a full and adventurous market place which shows and develop new ways to grow.

Stephen Howken (AG)


It’s me Stephen Hawken (AG) software engineer from the united states of America. A pro lover of Technology and tech gadgets.

AG Love to write about Technology gadgets and gears. The Main Purpose of starting the website is to provide quality stuff to visitors and give a comparison of different photography products.

We here working as a group to provide 100% Realistic reviews to our visitors.

Apart from Technology, AG is into Digital Marketing and web designing too and he also loves to play Cricket. (Attacking Bowler is the position.)

Anayat Khan

Content Manager

Anayat is into photography for the past 7 years and loves technology gadgets by heart. It is the love and dedication which make him write all these blogs and articles to make your way easy.

His passion for photography lets him came across and guide others to buy the best from a vast array of gaming products.

His photography experience is a good help for those who are new to gaming. He puts his knowledge in the right and proper place to advise others.

Apart from photography, Anayat is into coding and web designing too and he also loves to play football (Goal Keeper is the position.)

Amail Maheen

Content Writer

Hi, I am a technological devices analyser and review writer, Maheen. My love for modern technology is not new but what’s new is that I like to dive deep into the technological world to explore the best latest devices and inform others about it.

My journey began with observing, testing and analyzing almost all kinds of tech devices but then I got certain platforms that enabled me to share my experience with you so that you get the best tech gadgets.

Mutasim Afghan

Content Writer

Hi, this is Mutasim, a technologist who specializes in writing about different technology gadgets.

I have been reviewing and analysing technology devices for a long time and after so many years of work, my love for technology remains the same.

My journey as a technologist started with reviewing technology products but over the course of time, I started writing about them and sharing my experience on multiple platforms. This is why I am a content writer for numerous websites now.